And Oscar Lego goes to… Lego Oscars made of bricks for everyone who didn’t win the golden one.


Hollywood Oscar Statue awarded – Oscars lego vip model sets figures build with bricks at the Hollywood.

Finally, the time has come, long awaited by fans of the film world. As usual, the end of February was filled with emotions, and everyone’s eyes were directed towards Hollywood. And among the verdicts in each category, there was one stray Oscar. My own!

I won it in the category: Special LEGOffects, but there is nothing to prevent you from putting it on your shelf. It is a nice gift for all fans of the great cinema, who themselves dream about raising the statuette at the awards gala. Do you have a friend who is an underrated actor and can not break through the cruel producers? Such a prize will surely motivate them to grant him engagement!

I built Oscar Lego! You can have it!

In the end, it is an Oscar LEGO model sets made entirely of 500 LEGO bricks, each one of which contains gold of the highest quality. The project is easy, light and pleasant, but it is very rewarding! Immediately after submitting my own Hollywood Oscar Statue, I walked proudly like a peacock and bragged to the whole family that finally I was properly appreciated.

You can also get a personalized Oscar if you order a version with instructions. What can be more satisfying than making a valuable statue for yourself?

Pawlikowski and other aspiring directors are already lining up to increase the number of Oscars won by Poles. Vip LEGO Academy will definitely appreciate their efforts and ambitious film rehearsals and soon we will be able to expect a whole procession of such statuettes in the country.

At the moment, one is already in my apartment, and the others are waiting for handing over. Maybe you will deserve an honorary film award?

Fulfilling dreams is at your fingertips 😉


There are rumors that next year my Vip Lego statuettes will be handed out to the most distinguished filmmakers 😀

Mateusz Matt Kustra LCP
#BadPirateAnd Oscar Lego goes to… Lego Oscars made of bricks for everyone who didn’t win the golden one.
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