Micro scale personalized LEGO advanced models of church for one of the fans of LEGO bricks.

It is time to start mass in personalized LEGO advanced models church for all the LEGO fans.

Not only I am an avid fan of LEGO bricks! One of the admirers of this specific architecture wanted a special model, which I obviously gladly did. In the end, what you do not do for your friends for a hobby 😉 This time, as Poland is long and wide, we return to the Catholic roots and take a small church to recreate. I tried not to omit anything that is characteristic of this type of building, which can be found in almost every town or village. So here is not only the church itself from the top but also a small cemetery with a substantial entrance gate. There’s nearly some people who are ready to start masses will gather before the entrance …

In this LEGO advanced models is special flap on the side of the church, allows you to look inside.

Most importantly, the lego advanced models is completely finished – the interior is not blowing empty and you can see it for yourself. Especially the opening side was mounted here, which allows you to look inside and discover how the church looks inside. Of course, there could be no stained-glass windows, splendidly splitting the light coming into the interior of the personalized LEGOthic creation. It is a small project, but it contains a lot of details. It was made of only 3,000 LEGO bricks, but I managed to place a temple with side aisles and a belfry. In addition, the said interior of the building is filled with a floor and all elements of the décor characteristic of churches – there are benches for the faithful, confessional, altar, professional equipment of the local organist ;), as well as substantial chandeliers.


Personalized LEGO Minifigure priest, invites all fans to come inside and see unbelievable interior.

Of course, there could not have been a priest who was preparing to preach, waiting for the faithful to come. So everything is not only recreated but even staged! LEGO advanced models of cathedrals and churches inspire me to get involved in the rebuilding of Notre Dame. I have already seen proposals to rebuild the roof with glass. What would you say, however, for an extension of the original material – of course, LEGO bricks? Maybe then also the priests and the faithful will be recreated from the bricks, to complete a huge work, which would be the construction on a real scale 😉 For now, however, we all have to settle for this beautiful diorama built especially for one of the fans of block architecture.

Mateusz Matt Kustra LCP

#BadPirateMicro scale personalized LEGO advanced models of church for one of the fans of LEGO bricks.
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