LEGO® MOC Masterpieces: Stunning Brick Models from the Past, Built in 2023"

LEGO® MOC Architectural Marvels: Stunning Brick Models Built in the Past of 2023

The year 2023 proved to be incredibly exciting. After taking on the role of LCP in May 2022, I had to quickly adapt to the corporate system and learn to navigate in this new professional environment. I reorganized the company to operate at maximum efficiency in this new reality. However, the greatest pleasure came from receiving an order and creating the first model for LEGO® Polska. I also had the opportunity to meet many interesting people, both unknown and well-known, such as Szymon Negacz from SellWise and Remigiusz “Remo” Łupicki (@remikmymusic). I also had the pleasure of collaborating with large companies such as Megger, Ambu, My Music, Euro Ekol, and JG Gastro.


LEGO Master Builder Certificate awarded to Matt Kustra, showcasing his exceptional achievements and skills in the world of LEGO brick building



What is it like to receive a parrot on your 40th birthday? Ask Michał.

For a avid collector of LEGO® bricks, I built his dream – a LEGO® parrot, and gifted it to him on his 40th birthday. Michał was thrilled with this unique present, which became a true gem in his collection. The colorful parrot, crafted with precision and attention to detail, captured the attention of everyone at the birthday party. The entire process of creating the parrot was fascinating to me. I sought inspiration, analyzed the anatomical details of real parrots, and incorporated them into my design. When Michał received the parrot, his eyes lit up with joy. He was not only pleased with this one-of-a-kind gift but also amazed that I was able to recreate his favorite animal using LEGO® bricks. The parrot took pride of place in his collection and became one of its most treasured pieces. Michał is well-known in the world of LEGO® collectors, so I decided to share our project on Instagram. You can find it at @legomuzeum.


Ultrasound for Ambu company – built with LEGO bricks.

Once again, I proved that you can build literally anything with LEGO® bricks. I was thrilled when I received a commission from a medical company to create a model of an ultrasound machine. My goal was to build a precise replica that would adorn Ambu’s booth at prestigious trade shows in Italy. I started the project with immense enthusiasm and dedication. I meticulously analyzed real ultrasound devices (which I received in a package) to accurately replicate their appearance and functionality. I had to consider every detail, from the probe to the control panel, to make the model as realistic as possible. Using a variety of LEGO® bricks, I created a miniature medical equipment, ensuring precision in a 1:1 scale. The end result exceeded my wildest expectations – the model was almost identical to the actual device.

During the trade shows in Italy, Ambu’s booth caught the attention of all the visitors. Our model was a real attraction and caused astonishment. Seeing people admire our work and ask questions about the technical details filled me with immense pride and satisfaction. It was further confirmation that LEGO® bricks are not just toys for children, but also a tool that allows for creative creation and representation of various industries. We have proven that even in the field of medicine, they can be used to build faithful replicas of equipment.


Architectural Model of a Beautiful and Modern Residence

This year, I had the opportunity to create an extraordinary architectural model for a true LEGO enthusiast. The model showcased the owner’s dream residence with meticulous attention to detail. It was a true gem, and the process of building it was incredibly rewarding. During the construction of the model, my focus was on perfecting every aspect of the residence. I spared no effort in ensuring excellent external and internal lighting, allowing every detail to be appreciated. We not only incorporated spotlights to accentuate key features but also implemented interior lighting, bringing the space to life and enhancing its realism. I would like to express my gratitude to the owner for their trust and the opportunity to work on this project. It has been an extraordinary privilege, and the final result exceeded my wildest expectations.

Welcome to explore our unique architectural model of a private house, specially designed and built for our satisfied client. Ideo Bricks offers individual projects tailored to your needs.

Welcome to explore our unique architectural model of a private house, specially designed and built for our satisfied client. Ideo Bricks offers individual projects tailored to your needs.


The duck that visited children from a preschool in Krakow.

With great joy, I will share with you a special event that recently took place. I prepared a unique surprise for the children from a preschool I used to attend as a young boy. Together with my irreplaceable helper, the Duck, we conducted LEGO® building workshops. We captivated the young builders, who enthusiastically and wholeheartedly created extraordinary structures. The children had unforgettable moments as their imagination soared to a whole new level. Each child built their own unique creations that sparked admiration among both their fellow young builders and the attending adults. The children’s creativity and ingenuity were remarkable. It was not only an unforgettable experience for the children but also for me. I am delighted to have shared my passion and inspiration with the preschoolers, who may discover their future architects and creators within themselves.


Euro Ekol Car Wash made of LEGO® bricks

I am proud to announce that we have built a unique car wash made of LEGO® bricks for Euro Ekol company. This one-of-a-kind construction will serve as an attraction at trade shows, capturing the attention of visitors. When creating the car wash, we focused on the smallest details to reflect the authentic atmosphere and functions of a real car wash. I was particularly delighted by the foam, which is one of the standout elements at one of the stations. Additionally, the owner’s collection of cars served as a perfect addition to the entire composition, adding even more character and authenticity. I am confident that this original car wash will generate significant interest and be remembered by trade show attendees as an extraordinary and creative attraction.

The one-of-a-kind mailbox.

I am delighted to announce that we have built a unique mailbox, made from LEGO® bricks, in the shape of a charming little house. This exceptional mailbox was a gift for my mother on Mother’s Day. The entire project was filled with love and care to create something special for her. The exact location of this mysterious mailbox remains confidential and is somewhere in Poland. It is our little family secret that adds even more magic and surprise. My mom was thrilled with this extraordinary gift that came straight from my heart.

Palace of Culture and Science and Golden Terraces on the Warsaw Diorama built for Szymon Negacz’s Sell Wise Office

For Szymon Negacz from Sellwise, we created a wonderful mini diorama of Warsaw that fits perfectly in his office. It was a unique and ambitious task, but with great dedication, we built a model that amazes with its detail and the city’s atmosphere. Unfortunately, one of the buildings didn’t fit, so we had to slightly shorten the diorama to fit the available space. Despite this, the end result is stunning, and now it looks beautiful on Szymon’s shelf. For the first time in our work, we also added lighting, which adds magic and a special mood to the diorama. We are proud of the outcome and delighted to provide Szymon with unforgettable visual experiences.

Coffee Cart Built for JG Gastro Company

With pride, we announce that we have built a realistic Coffee Cart made of LEGO® bricks for JG Gastro company, showcasing the distinctive products they offer. This unique model was designed with trade shows in mind, aiming to attract attention and stand out among other booths. Additionally, the owner plans to use it as a unique decoration in the company’s office, adding a touch of originality and creativity.





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