Lego molding machine for viewing and building for Asten Group clients

It’s time for a serious ride!!! Another model, this time created for the Asten Group, is an injection molding machine lego custombricks. Before I took the job, I had to first understand what, in general, is such a device.

Lego custombricks molding machine, can I produce bricks right now!?

Well… It turns out that Asten deals with, among others. production of Czesio figurines (known to Poles from a TV series), cast in plastic. The next step was to design and program the machine, which models will be extruded directly in the LEGO version. And since the bricks come into play, the solutions come to mind. First of all, it is obvious to everyone that if you want to make a casting of something from LEGO, the injection molding machine also has to be made of that bricks. Physical and mathematical constants talk about it at every step ;). The second obvious step is cooperation with a positively twisted blocker (and I do not need to present you with this character 🙂 ).

Only 200 lego bricks to watch, and so much fun

The built tool consists of only 200 elements, but this does not interfere with the functionality. What’s more, with the right plans, you could do your own injection molding machine for the mass production of cast figurines. This one works perfectly on the production line, and more and more new models of figures created by it are already on the shelves. You just have to look good!

This is another fact confirming that LEGO bricks are good for everything! They work great in production, help architects, entertain the youngest and take time for adults (at least like me). What more can you ask for? Especially when our beloved building material just discovered its next application – work on production when casting plastic figures

Check what other applications I can find for blocks. All in all, only the imagination sets limits.

Mateusz Matt Kustra LCP
#BadPirateLego molding machine for viewing and building for Asten Group clients
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