City Hall in Poznan build by custom LEGO toy designer Matt Kustra

City Hall in Poznan by custom LEGO toy designer

We have been asked to build a symbol of Poznań, so it is another order, and it is what we like the most – the city from blocks – said Matt custom LEGO toy designer. We built a small model of the City Hall in Poznań for the Mimi store – a toy shop in Poznań. It is a Renaissance building standing in the center of Poznań on the Old Market Square, which was used as the town hall, and today it is the Museum of the History of the City of Poznań, a branch of the Poznań National Museum. The building was built-in about 1300 during the reign of Wacław II Czeski. It used to be a one-story Gothic building erected on a square plan, rebuilt in the 16th century according to the Renaissance style. The bugle call of Poznań is played every day from the tower of the town hall  and there are also two goats, which hits horns each other at 12.00 o’clock. An interesting legend about Poznań goats is connected with this. The goats have also been commemorated on the maquette of the Town Hall in Poznań. We managed to recreate this unique building as a toy made of Lego bricks based on a series of photos. The facade of the building in Poznan is very interestingly decorated and making the project made us a lot of pleasure. The building was built on a mini scale, so we had to apply some simplifications. But despite the omission of some details, we were very satisfied with the results of the work. Today, the maquette can be viewed in the Mimi store in Poznań on Kraszewskiego 9 Street.

City blocks are what we like to build the most Matt (LEGO toy designer)

The project assumed the creation of a miniature of the Town Hall in Poznań with about 1200 elements. The set consists of new Lego bricks. Time to create the project of maquette is 1 month. Then, the implementation of more than a dozen sets lasted one month. We invite you to take a look at other maquettes built from Lego blocks by the team of Ideo Blocks led by Matt Kustra.

Mateusz Matt Kustra LCP

#BadPirateCity Hall in Poznan build by custom LEGO toy designer Matt Kustra
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