Waste management – environment protection find more on google lego by Ideo lego masters

Ecology and healthy life is a really common topic (also for Us lego masters) these days which concerns everybody. I’m into this subject, too because I graduated AGH University of Science and Technology for environment protection. That’s why I decided to help in increasing awareness of waste recycling and care for nature.

Waste management – how to do this properly by lego masters?

An important aspect of environmental protection is to deepen our conscience about that, that’s why me and Hewelianum Centre from Gdańsk took up a challenge to educate people about waste management. The Association of Marine Towns and Communes started a project named “Waste under control” which introduced in Google Lego my new maquette by lego masters, simultaneously teaching about basics of ecology. The aim was to reach the largest group of respondents and therefore the model was traveling across the Pomerania to such cities as Koszalin, Szczecin and Gdańsk, where it stayed for good. If you are curious about learning of taking care of mother Earth on living, I invite you to the Hewelianum Centre, where you can see the model with the specific description and tips for working on our environmental quality. Making of the project was a pleasure and interesting experience to me because actually, it was the first such ambitious goal. I have never had a chance to show my skills in so great (minor) scale and devote myself to anything so fully. But those are positive sides of my work making me smiling as a child. The lego model can be called a small giant because it’s 1,5 meter long and 0,8 meter wide and all around it there are spread many of details and buildings completely depicting the process of remediation of residential garbage. Eventually, I finished my project in 6 months since the beginning and the process divided into two stages: the first one consisted in developing and visualizing the maquette and it took three months; the other half, the building was an easy time. It wasn’t anything but a pleasure to look at the construction growing in my eyes with each following day. To day You can find in Google Lego model build by our lego masters.

Find in Goole LEGO combustion plant – it’s gonna be fun!

By those means my Google Lego model maquette becomes nearly alive, however, you can believe me the main feature of that project is liveliness. On each square inch of the model are many of genre scenes, not only imitating energy and jazz put into a work in combustion plants but also adding the a sense of humor to the specific space. You will see it on your own, although to encourage you to search carefully and play together I will let on to you one of that situation (and leave you with a hard riddle to solve). Whole over the maquette there are shown every stage of waste management but where does it start? Of course in our houses! Eventually, one has to create some waste before it can be reprocessed. Therefore one of our funny scenes located on my model takes place in a bathroom: that is the place where from comes the biggest amount of sewage we produce in our flats. There is also a person who causes the production of sewage – a man relaxing in a bathtub. Google LEGO figurine doesn’t even suspect that he is under surveillance so he isn’t embarrassed during his bath (but he decided not to take the clothes off in case the children would see him too). So there he is the offender of the whole process of waste management. There are plenty of scenes like that over the combustion plant and to see that one glance at the model is enough. Then you will see a small bustling town. Walking across following alleys and getting to know the ways of treating the garbage you will be able to meet a sportsman playing basketball; roadworkers patching a hole; a golf passionate, devoting himself to his practicing routine on the roof of the waste-sorting plant. You will even find there (as in each job I guess) a bored worker who desperately and sluggishly tries to handle with a leak from which goes a steam. The city is full of life and whole that based on a true story! In each waste-sorting plant and combustion plant, there is plenty of work and fun as well. Try to look at the model as a guidebook to proper waste management in your own home of lego masters 🙂 . 

Together for environment protection said lego masters

The the main target was to impress how to manage the rubbish on you. At first glance, it’s obvious that work isn’t kind easy therefore we should respect our tired mother Earth and let her rest a little. The tones of burned waste effects our planet as the cigarette for smoker’s lungs, so let we help her together to give up the addiction of throwing out everything without a reason. Remember that each one piece of stuff, even if useless to us, could be usable for the other man as spare parts or so, but it prevents the stuff from ending up on the landfill. Do not ignore the recycling! Even myself I taught a lot about the subject during working on it, that’s why it became important to me for you to understand the value of our environment. To sum up I’d like to add that I personally admire the projects in which I can put my passion and learn something. Google LEGO isn’t just a toy, that’s magic thanks to which everybody can build a wonderful world. So we should build a better world with ecological rules! Lastly, there’s a promised riddle: did someone pick up a cat in the combustion plant? Watch the video carefully and you won’t miss it! Share your observation in comments below. I also invite you all to visit the maquette in the flesh in Gdańsk’s Hewelianum Centre where from you can post photos and tagging me! or Find more My lego models on Google Lego models.

Mateusz Matt Kustra LCP

#BadPirateWaste management – environment protection find more on google lego by Ideo lego masters
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