LEGO alternative models factory Melamina Azoty Pulawy made of Lego blocks

LEGO alternative models: Melamina Azoty Puławy, i.e. your company, factory made of Lego blocks.

We specialize in building LEGO alternative models (maquettes made of blocks) on request. We adapt flexibly to the needs of the client and the budget. That is why we offer models of new Lego blocks in several scales of minifigures and mini and micro scales. An ideal scale matched to this order, i.e. the construction of a chemical station for Azoty Puławy was the micro scale. The set was to be an interesting gift for the company’s strategic customers. We designed and created a unique toy made of Lego blocks based on a series of photos of the station,. The project involved creating a miniature station consisting of about 1000 elements, so that everyone could build it on their own based on electronic instructions. In addition to the building, I designed aesthetic box with a series of stickers. Such orders make us very happy because we are building real buildings, during such orders we can show our skills. Maquettes up to 1000 elements can be assembled by the customer. All buildings above 1000 elements are too complicated and we suggest assembly on-site by our company. In addition to maquettes, we can include lighting and landscapes built from railway maquettes. We invite you to look at our other scales: the scale of minifigures and the mini scale.

LEGO alternative models in the micro scale as a nice gift for customers.

The attention to details is our specialty, therefore the station contains many details that occur in the real world in a chemical station. In addition to the station itself, we also built a cistern and placed it in front of the Melamin Azoty Puławy station. The set consists of new Lego blocks. The creation time is about 3 months. We invite you to read the references issued by the client. We invite you to look at our other maquettes.

Mateusz Matt Kustra LCP

#BadPirateLEGO alternative models factory Melamina Azoty Pulawy made of Lego blocks
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