Citroën HY — the legend of French motorization car lego models for adults

Citroën HY — the legend of French motorization made from Lego – car lego models for adults

Motorization is a loved topic by many people. Both the full-size machines and their miniature models are very popular and can arouse a lot of emotions among automotive enthusiasts. Apart from modern vehicles and their beautiful interiors and designs, antiques are also adored. Sometimes more than the cars from the last years. Among them is also the Citroën HY, for the model of which I received an order. Client ask for car lego models for adults.

Why is Citroën HY so iconic?

Citroën HY was released not a long time after the Second World War in 1947. It was created in response to the high demand for small, medium tonnage trucks. At this time Citroën’s teams were working on 8 projects to create the vehicle of this type. Only the last one was fully developed, giving its name: “H” (the eighth letter of the alphabet). Most of the type H vans were sold under the name “HY”. The rest of them included:

  • H — early versions,
  • HX — with lesser load capacity,
  • HP — it was a flat-bed pick-up,
  • HZ and HW — with greater load capacity.

For some time the car was sold as model 1600.

However, the Citroën HY doesn’t have a predecessor. Its construction is in some ways similar to the Citroën Traction Avant from 1934. It has a unitary body with no separate frame, front independent suspension, and front-wheel drive. The usage of corrugated plates in the bodywork of the vehicle was inspired by German Junkers — the producer of an aircraft. This decision led to an increase of strength without adding weight and usage of high-cost tools.

Most HY vans were sold in countries like France, Belgium and the Netherlands. There were also a very small number of right-hand drive versions of the vehicle built at the Slough Trading Estate, designed for the UK market.

At the time of common usage of the Citroën HY, the vehicle gained a lot of nicknames. The most popular is “Belmondo among trucks” which illustrated his unusual appearance. While the van was used by the police, it was called “panier à salade” (from French: “salad basket”). However, despite the eccentricity, the car was appreciated by its users for reliability and usefulness.

The production of the Citroën HY ended in 1981. Through 34 years in factories in France and Belgium a total of 473 289 cars. It’s final evidence for the cult which was created and is still taking place around this car.

Belmondo on Polish roads

The client who ordered a model of Citroën HY was special. At Facebook, you can find a site “Citroën HY” led by an enthusiast Wiktor Wilczyński who started the general renovation of the van Citroën HY seven years ago, in 2013. Since that time he makes every effort to have a possibility to sit in that car and drive it. It’s still a long road before he will do it but even now the truck looks wonderful.

That’s why I was so pleasantly surprised when a friend of him contacted me with a very special order.

Small Citroën HY for the fan of French motorization

Wiktor’s friend intended that he would have to build the miniature of the Citroën HY by himself. That’s why I had to not only design a truck but also create the manual on how to assemble it. I thought about it as a challenge of some type, and I was very excited that I had a chance to project the model of something that is so much loved by someone else.

I hope the present which friend gave to Wiktor made him smile widely. Maybe the occasion of “driving” of mini-Citroën HY gave him a substitute of what it will be to drive a real Citroën HY in its full scale.

Your model made from Lego bricks – car lego models for adults

If you liked the history which stands behind the small model of an antique car, give me a hint. Especially if you would want something like that in your house. It doesn’t have to be Citroën. I can also create car lego models for adults like BWM, Mercedes or even more luxurious cars like Maserati, Bentley, Bugatti, or Koenigsegg. I have a lot of experience in designing and building various types of models, mock-ups, figurines or pictures from the Lego bricks. I assure you that I can make anything you can imagine. I would need some pictures or/and description. After some time I will contact you and start the first arrangements to create your own model made from Lego bricks. Don’t wait too long and write to me with your idea!

Mateusz Matt Kustra LCP

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