Cathedral Wawel in Krakow build for sculpture commissions it is one of My best lego castle sets.

Wawel Cathedral built for Historyland Lego – MOC model of the Wawel castle in Krakow

A representative monument of Cracow is an absolute must-have in my collection of LEGO castle sets buildings and now it can be also labeled as the biggest model I’ve ever made. Only king-size for Polish kings! I’ve built already two models sculpture commissions of the former capital of our country to honor the city, that is Wawel and Cloth Hall.

I assume, that many of travelers ever wondered about seeing the Middle Ages building in one of the most beautiful towns of Poland. Even I was enchanted by the Lego castle sets, so I decided to go into the project proposed by my friends from HistoryLand. How did that end? You can see on your own on my model filled with the spirit of Wawel and its special residents, who are walking around the castle.

The story inside LEGO brick – sculpture commissions monuments of Cracow

Placed in the center of Lesser Poland the royal castle is an anchor of Polish kingdom protecting lords and their families for approx. 800 years. Inside the walls of the great building, there were many of magnificent people, known not only in Poland but even in a whole Europe. The amazing residents and guests are still remembered and maintained especially in the legends and myths which covers the mysteries of the castle. That makes the Wawel unique and that’s why I couldn’t miss Wawel’s dragon or the alchemist Michal Sedziwoj and the wizard Twardowski, who are accompanying to Zygmunt III Waza.

Through the design stage that was something, I kept in my mind to distinguish and emphasize the spirit of that monumental place. I spent seven months for continuously shooting photos of the object, sitting many hours with pen and paper and finally rewriting the concept into the digital space. It led me to the effect that all of you can admire – accurately reproduced sculpture commissions building of Wawel’s cathedral with the famous gold dome. My work imitated the advanced process of creating the best special effects of Americans blockbusters. In the first phase of crafting, I was wandering a lot to visit and take photos from every available angle, seizing the complete picture of the building. By those means, I created a Lego castle sets 3D model, consisting of 600 photos and containing each crucial detail. When the pre-production was officially finished, I began the most important stage of work – BUILDING!

It is impossible to describe the magnitude of my maquette by any word. But I can try to do this by the numbers. To build the sculpture commissions cathedral with its foundations I needed almost 80 thousand (!) of single LEGO bricks specially prepared for my order. Until now this is the biggest model I’ve ever built, but my ambitions are reaching much further, so I sometime I will beat myself with something larger ;)!

Around 5 thousand used LEGO bricks are invisible because those make a stable base for the whole. One must remember, that the significant role of that creating plays the foundation, although only the outer part is a visual masterpiece.

Sculpture commissions Castle’s model full of life

Wawel is mostly about the history, despite not everyone can associate school lessons about antiquity with something pleasure and fun. Luckily, my maquette renews a look at that piece of history and makes it more lively. When you look closely to the entrance to the cathedral, you can see the alchemist, Michal Sedziwoj following the royal train of Zygmunt III Waza. He holds a special mixture in his hands. How do you suppose, what can it be? I advise you to search through the story of the castle and find it out on your own. Maybe you will be able to help Sedziwoj or even do his project better!

Not only the one alchemist, who has never discovered an item demanded by the king, has become a legend and is remembered among the generations. The other character like was a widely-known wizard, Twardowski, who is casting a spells right now, standing on the outwork of the cathedral. He attempted to run before he could walk because he promised to Zygmunt August to resurrect his wife, Barbara Radziwillowna. How is he doing? You can guess from his angry facial expression and behavior of his clumsy assistants, who are losing his precious equipment.

Moreover, during the traveling around Wawel on a small scale, you could also meet the proud royal train armed from the head down in gorgeous golden-red armor. The knights following after His majesty are ready to sacrifice their lives in the name of the lord. There can be found a little thug, caught quickly by Dark Ages city guard, who protects the order in the kingdom. They are the ones who are responsible for the peace of the cathedral.

That sculpture commissions LEGO castle sets only in Cracow!

I strongly recommend visiting my model of the Wawel cathedral on an exhibit in the History Land in Cracow. You will see there not only the building which is a dream that came true but also an amazing show. The dragon itself agreed to take part and demonstrate a little of his fire skills. During the presentation showed behind the maquette you will be able to see that dangerous dragon flying over the city. He hasn’t lost a bit of his dreadful appearance, so he might scare you too. You will see under your eyes proverbial legend of the royal castle. It’s fear to be afraid.

Additionally, the whole building is equipped with the lighting, especially exposing the peaks of particular towers and domes reaching the sky. Unfortunately, the Wawel was burned once but my model, though it tries to copy the original, will avoid that fate because the lighting is electrical and by that, it only points out the realism of the maquette.

The LEGO castle sets building will endure for a long time, it maybe will be listed in UNESCO, who knows! The projects like that give a lesson of patience and diligence of the work. I also reckon that it educates and sensitizes us on the beauty of the polish architecture, which is frequently underestimated. That’s why I recommend visiting exhibition as well as the original building located in the area. It will give you a possibility to check how precise was I while crafting process. Meanwhile, right after writing this post, I get round to the next monumental projects (and some smaller) which you will see soon!

Designer: Matt Kustra, Bulider: Aleksandra Michalska, Ewa Kustra, Błażej Kustra, Michał Wierzba, Mateusz Kustra (professional lego builder)

Mateusz Matt Kustra LCP
#BadPirateCathedral Wawel in Krakow build for sculpture commissions it is one of My best lego castle sets.
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