Good, old-fashioned special Lego Mickey Mouse in LEGO art paintings style in the competition during Gdynia Design Days

Special LEGO art paintings style

I am coming back to you with a fresh idea – the new series of LEGO building constructions. Well … Now it’s hard to call it buildings because my next project is a LEGO art paintings made with bricks. What else could you bring to the painting technique, would you ask? The answer is straight – the unique LEGO-painting technique;) advertised by the icon of pop culture! Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce the Mickey Mouse! And that’s the one well regarded bythe jury of the Young for Start competition organized by ELLE magazine on this year’s Gdynia Design Days.

I’ve been interested in painting for years, and among the greatest artists who inspire me are Van Gogh or Klimt. Bored with three-dimensional buildings, I decided to switch to a different art department – LEGO bricks’ paintings! (Easy, I’m just kidding, I’m making models anyway. Here is one of the fresh works .) The world’s greatest painters inspired me to change my way of looking at LEGO. Unfortunately, I draw not well, I’ve always been pretty weak at it. So how would I be creating paintings when brushes and paints are not on my way? You can see for yourself in the pictures below! All it took was a small idea and my steadfast passion for building. That’s what it takes to make it alive!

The first painting from the LEGO bricks that comes out of my hand presents the Mickey Mouse. It was hard to find something more recognizable, and thus something that many people would like. However, it also means that my image from LEGO can be incredibly cheesy … I can assume, that everybody at least once drew that beloved mouse in own notebook. I will explain to you how I tried to avoid kitsch and simplicity, but now I will add a few words to explain my choice. Well, my two-year-old daughter (whose image of the bricks you can see here ) slowly begins to learn about the most important achievements of humanity and interests in the culture in which she will soon be present. That’s why he watches videos on YouTube over and over ;). Me, as a responsible dad, can’t let her fall down with the down-quality videos so young, therefore I’m tossing her with pop culture icons just like Disney cartoons. Until now, Mickey Mouse was the one which she loved the most, and that inspired me to create the painting with a merry mouse.

Portraying Mickey Mouse demands huge amount of patience with Special LEGO art paintings

I think each of you at least once in your life (most likely in kindergarten) was coloring over a colorbook. I, with my childhood ideas (like building monuments from several dozen thousand LEGO bricks ) sometimes like to return to coloring, especially the advanced pictures. Creating images from LEGO bricks could not be any simpler using this technique – basically, I create a coloring book for myself, and then I put bricks over the right area. Voila! That’s whole instruction to create a project from LEGO bricks. It requires only 1m x 0.8m of space and 8,000 small elements. And you definitely have to take into account dozens of hours of free time to create all this. But that’s just a piece of cake!

In fact, putting altogether such a huge amount of bricks is an intricate work and couldn’t handle it without Eve and Michael . Especially, when the team leader gets the idea that out of the drawing of Mickey Mouse we will create mix of pointillism (Van Gogh painted in this style) and pop-art. Fortunately, we also have a lot of patience :).

Mickey Mouse becomes alive on the picture, raising its fist in a gesture of joy and euphoria, just like we do after work. All in a thousand spots and dots, which from a distance form a beautiful LEGO paint. Again we had the opportunity to see that our work wasn’t wasted!

LEGO bricks during Gdynia Design Days

Mickey has one more reason to raise its hand – it was qualified for the Young for Start competition and in July you will be able to see it at the exhibition during the Gdynia Design Days. The image appealed to the jury who were selected by ELLE magazine. The competition tries to find young designers in the country, dealing with a creative enterprise from various fields, from everyday design, architecture, through painting, and, as you can see, even for LEGO bricks. I am truly honored to be among the artists distinguished in Poland. In addition, this fact adds faith that not only I still play around with LEGO bricks 😉

The news about awarding me the distinction has one more positive aspect – the Mickey Mouse image can be viewed by you at a permanent exhibition during Gdynia Design Days in the first two weeks of July. I invite all the LEGO building enthusiasts to take a close look at the good, old-fashioned Mouse! But don’t you come with your cat.

However, you do not have to be in Gdynia to watch this image live. What’s more, there is a chance that you can watch Mickey Mouse with no time limit. By summarizing this in three words, you can have it: FOR YOUR OWN. If you like Mickey’s picture, you can order it and I’ll start to arrange your own reproduction of this work from LEGO bricks.

Remember that there is also a special Lego DIY option 😉 If you feel good at it, I can send you just a set of LEGO art paintings bricks and instructions. But then do not forget about the stopwatch during making it – who knows, maybe you’ll be able to put it together faster than me!

In the meantime, I’m starting to prepare your orders and I’m getting to the next projects! I promise that a series of paintings won’t end on these one! If you like the style of building with LEGO bricks, you will soon be able to see some new works. By the time, I recommend returning to these classic buildings, such as the Cieszyn’s rotunda or the map of the Puck commune.

See you!

Mateusz Matt Kustra LCP
#BadPirateGood, old-fashioned special Lego Mickey Mouse in LEGO art paintings style in the competition during Gdynia Design Days
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