We are gather for large building made of Lego bricks, We want build the Krakow Lego Cloth Hall, help professional model builders

Professional model builders are collecting money for a large building made of Lego blocks – we are building the Krakow Lego Cloth Hall

As a little boy, I loved playing with Lego blocks. A few years ago, I started building all that is possible with the most popular blocks again. It’s My was to become professional model builders. That is why the idea of ​​creating and showing the Lego model of the Krakow Cloth Hall was create. I am collecting funds to build a faithful reflection of the Krakow Cloth Hall on the newly created portal “Polak Potrafi”. This is the so-called Crowdfunding portal. It means that a group of Internet users financially supports remarkable ideas and in this way helps to fulfill the dreams of others and the authors of ideas reward you for financial support. My model of the Krakow Cloth Hall will be publicly displayed at exhibitions and museums. At the beginning, we are planning to exhibit it at the National Museum in Krakow. At the moment, we have accumulated half of the funds needed to buy materials. To encourage the support of the project, we are planning rewards – you support us, we reward. We invite you to read our offer “Polak potrafi”. We offer various forms of cooperation to all interested in supporting the idea of professional model builders:

  • Sponsorship on an exclusive basis – individual terms of cooperation
  • Hiring a maquette for a period of one month including delivery and placing it on-site, any space, office or exhibition stand.
  • Placing the company’s logotype on the mainboard of the market
  • Putting a scene built of Lego on the model according to your vision. It may be a scene thematically related to a company or a given person.

Krakow Lego Cloth Hall build with Lego

The project is gaining momentum and you can hear about us on the radio: Interview in Radio Krakow and interview in Radio Eska and Radio Plus Newspapers write about us: Naszemiasto, GazetaPrawna, I regret to inform you that, unfortunately, it was not possible to collect funds for the construction in a given time, which is why we will probably try again in the new year.

We decided to put the Cloth House project on the Lego Ideas portal (Cuusoo), please support my project, and there is a chance that model of Cloth House, will shown be on the shelves in LEGO stores.

I regret to inform you that unfortunately we have not been able to collect the required number of likes,-so for now Cracow Cloth House custom brick set will not appear on the shelves in stores. I am pleased to inform you that we managed to build a twice as large scale of the Cloth Hall for the Krakow Exhibition “Historyland”

Best lego creations lego buy and sell by Matt Kustra for Lego old main Railway

A large scale model of the Cloth Hall, designed and made by Mateusz Kustra Ideo Bricks for Historyland Cracow

We would like you to invite you to have a look at our other maquette.

Mateusz Matt Kustra LCP

#BadPirateWe are gather for large building made of Lego bricks, We want build the Krakow Lego Cloth Hall, help professional model builders
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