Cloth hall Krakow LEGO moc makes dreams come true – by Matt Kustra for Historyland

Lego moc Dreams are worth fighting for I always believe that.

Even now, I focus on them because that can bring you a worthy life, if not financially, so for sure satisfactory. This belief led me to the most wonderful project in my life – building Krakow’s Cloth Hall of LEGO bricks. It was a challenging breakpoint in my life and I can be really proud of this, see for yourself.

Who hasn’t built anything with this bricks, let first throw a rock! I suppose that everyone in their childhood had built some more or less extraordinary buildings. I’m not different but now, heading to my thirties I’m still having fun with LEGO. You can’t just abandon some of your dreams! Moreover, sometimes it’s worth to keep this precious treasure of your youth because you never know whether it can bear a fruit. In my case it did.

LEGO moc makes dreams come true

After some smaller projects and models such as football stadium or waste incineration plant, I decided to go really serious about it. I made a choice to recreate Cracow Cloth Hall Sukinnice with the usage of 31 685 bricks. It was a great challenge to me, but if you scroll a little bit, you’ll see that I managed. I came up with an idea for making a project like that without any special reason. I was just trying to fill my free time after losing a job in 2009. Out of boredom, I created a first sketch planned for 10 thousand bricks. I also took approx. 200 pictures of original Krakow Cloth Hall to create the most similar building on that base. The project has been standing by me for many years, some with better results other with worse, but finally I bring this to that end. During some party, I was encouraged to intensify my work by my friend when I showed to him my dummy of the model. He advised me to sell it on some auctions portals – that begun my business in this extraordinary brand. Although, I had put the project aside and continued to work at it after a few years. Because it was very first such a huge miniature from LEGO, after coming back to this I found a lot of essential fixes to do, what made me edit and improve my project for another three months.

My first Lego MOC directly from Cracow

When I did a designing process I had to transfer my words into actions. Nevertheless, it wasn’t as simple as I was thinking then – the problem was money, which I hadn’t got to finalize my elaborated idea. I tried to catch people’s attention on crowdfunding websites by writing an attractive plan, unfortunately, the respond wasn’t sufficient for my needs. However, I turned out to be a turning point not only in my LEGO builder carrier but also in my whole life. Right after my missed collection, I got a call from people who are actually my good friends now and who are also founders of HistoryLand in Cracow. (from 2021 in Poznan) The interlocutor introduced himself and with no hesitation said: We’ll make your dreams come true. And they did. They did it with a total devotion to my work, helping me on every stage of my project, sometimes even by building with me.

The building is ready to set! Cracow LEGO moc in a small (great) scale

My initial attempt to build what I prepared took me a month and mentioned 31,5 thousand bricks. Currently, after finishing this miniature model countless times I’m able to set everything in three days, and each time I’m gladly astonished by this project. I’m sure, you will be, too. Cloth Hall miniature isn’t only accurately recreated UNESCO monument from Cracow, in my design, it’s also a huge amount of casual and historical scenes. There are more than 100 characters, posed like in Prussian Homage from Matejko’s painting or in Kosciuszko oath from Kossak’s painting. Moreover, you can find there daily situations like a selling cloth, amber or eggs. Yup, eggs, but two of them has broken, see that for yourself in my model. For me this is more than just LEGO moc, that’s why I aimed to make an ultrarealistic model from the classical bricks, showing both the greatness of this monument and the atmosphere around it. This is to say that also the tiniest details were recreated in a close reference to the original. To see birds, carts filled with the goods or famous knife on a chain, I recommend to pay attention and look at every piece of Cloth Hall. I hope, this will encourage people to discover that special building again and to be inspired to visit the original one.

LEGO moc + Krakow = HistoryLand

My model is strongly connected to the royal city, not only because of the Cloth Hall but also the location – the exhibition is in the HistoryLand’s establishment in Cracow (now moved to Poznan). Actually, my friends from Poznan moved to this Southern Poland city and started there their company with my help on LEGO’s buildings exhibitions. Now, the model of Cloth Hall is one of ten shown in this place, I would mention that the rest was also my projects. Since I have finished my work on the huge Krakow’s monument project, it began to live its life. Right after setting everything up, the model traveled to Poznan, where the founders of HistoryLand were pleasured by the building. Then it was set in light lamps and pavement. Finally, the miniature came back to the Cracow and there it stays, initializing the presentation in HistoryLand as a first LEGO moc model ever right there. In addition to that, during the exhibition, you can see a visualization of Cloth Hall’s changing through the years.

We still working on another big monument for Historyland Krakow, now in Poznan

This on work isn’t a reason for settling down and boasting on my model. Not in such pleasure work. Currently, I’m in the middle of next projects of huge LEGO bricks buildings, even bigger than this one. You can follow the news from me on this website, facebook and on my YouTube channel, but also directly, being able to touch and look closely at the model in HistoryLand in Krakow and now moved to Poznan. Working on this project was very important to me because it showed me, that it’s good to have dreams and living by them. What’s more, my passion inspires other people, and that’s the most beautiful thing in the world. There’s nothing to add, but to let yourself inspire and look closely at my miniature. See you with other models! Designer: Matt Kustra, Bulider: Aleksandra Michalska, Ewa Kustra, Błażej Kustra, Piotr Zębalski, Mateusz Kustra

Mateusz Matt Kustra LCP

#BadPirateCloth hall Krakow LEGO moc makes dreams come true – by Matt Kustra for Historyland
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