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LEGO miniature bricks for twentieth anniversary in the company’s headquarters – Commission scale model dor InzBud

LEGO is not only entertainment for long autumn evenings, but also a great way to celebrate important events! This is what my model was used by the InżBud group from Rybnik. On the occasion of the twentieth anniversary in the company’s headquarters stood its miniature created from LEGO bricks – Commission scale model . I guess there is no better way to celebrate long-term maintenance in the business market than miniature construction engineering! And the board of InżBud has set such an original model, and for me, it has become another pleasant combination of work and entertainment.

From plans to Commission scale model

Based on the plan of building the company’s headquarters and, as always, meticulously made photos, I started to design a replica in the LEGO version. Of course, the engineering assumption made while working on this building did not require infinite tones of LEGO bricks, as was the case with other gigantic projects (see: Wawel Cathedral, Cloths Hall), here the accent was placed on a friendly atmosphere and professionalism in InżBud. This allowed me to use another of my strengths in LEGO constructions – fun scenes involving a large number of miniature interns. Employees have already been overtaken by the joy of the round jubilee and wait around the logo of the company placed in the parking lot… perhaps for a birthday cake!

Of course, it is not the game itself that one lives and when others celebrate the jubilee, the rest have to work harder, trying to ensure that each project is of the highest standard and in addition made on time. Hence, I immediately felt sympathy for those small LEGO-men who were working in the same way as I did for each of my realizations 😀

Awesome LEGO brick model for important company from Rybnik

When creating this Commission scale model building, I had to give my best, because ultimately I was judged by a very demanding client from the neighboring industry. Fortunately, the combination of strengths of both construction companies ended with great success and satisfaction on both sides. Although the Management Board of InżBud looked at my project with a stern eye, as a professional in this field, it was finally very pleased with the implementation.

Headquarters has also been further provided with electricity – when the city is slowly setting over darkness, there is no problem to lit the whole building. Work, after all, goes from dawn to dusk, and sometimes even long after the last ray of the sun disappears. Snap! And the whole LEGO-team can design further constructions.

NEW LEGO Architecture models soon !

After such a successful project, together with the company from Rybnik, we plan to join forces and develop the construction industry towards buildings made of LEGO bricks ;). So do not be surprised if by going to Silesia you can see houses and office buildings made of bricks familiar to all of you! The first project is behind us, but many great works are just waiting to be done.

See you in the future, in a real LEGO city!

Mateusz Matt Kustra LCP

#BadPirateInzBud scale LEGO bricks model! Commission Your architectural scale model NOW!
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