Unofficial lego sets like Lego Jesus and His Roman Catholic Church

Unofficial LEGO sets like Lego Jesus and His Roman Catholic Church

Lego Jesus, that is a Roman Catholic Church designed by Ideo using Lego bricks. Who would not want to have a church entirely made out of Legos in their town? Since forever, each small town seems to have at least one Church, placed near the main square and the town hall. It can’t be missing from any model town! Because of that, we have received an order to build a tiny Church from Lego bricks and had to make it fit in a small area. The extra tricky part was to make sure that one of the walls is open, to allow for an easy access to the interior. Additionally, we had to fill unofficial lego sets the building with tiny details, which are our specialty 😉 A few months later we have finished another, much larger Church – Roman Catholic Holy Parish of Saint Margaret the Virgin in Lomianki, just outside of Warsaw.

Lego Jesus would be proud of a Church like that.

We have used 1900 new Lego blocks in the process. The result of our work can be seen on display at Lego Gallery. We have built one of contemporary Churches along with ornaments as well as the most characteristic elements. With great pleasure we have built a model of an altar with elements such as, for instance, a rostrum. Just behind the altar we have placed a sculpture of St. Mary which baby Jesus and an ornamented stained glass. On the opposite end, we have placed winding stairs which lead straight to pipe organ. On the side of the building you can find a pulpit. On the ceiling, we have placed a giant lamp. The best part is, the inside of the building can be easily reached via the left side. The whole set is made out of brand new Lego blocks. We would be happy to add additional elements per request, such as a wedding scene or something completely different. Lets check our other unofficial Lego sets.

Mateusz Matt Kustra LCP

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