Lego Apple iPad Tablet – lego models for sale by Matt Kustra

Lego Apple iPad Tablet – LEGO models for sale

Why was this specific LEGO models for sell? Because two things, including Lego bricks and electronic gadgets have always been my weaknesses. One of the cult products that had changed our lives forever is an iPad. It was presented as a device of the future in 2001: A Space Odyssey by Stanley Kubrick for the first time. With a delay of 40 years, this first touch-sensitive tablet which changed the whole world, finally reached our times. For the first time in the history a device could be used with just a finger and it was nice and easy in comparison to earlier products of this type. From that moment on, almost all portable device manufacturers started to introduce touch screens. This gadget led to a situation that children now don’t know how to use an old Nokia with a numeric keypad. They are trying hard to touch the screen and here comes the “zonk” – nothing happens! I know as I tested it on my own children. The model of a such popular iPad gadget LEGO models for sale, designed by Ideo from Lego bricks is exactly the thing that I would love to have on the shelf in my loft.

LEGO models for sale. An ideal connection for the lovers of Lego Apple iPad Tablet

For that reason, the next thing that could be found on my table was the Apple iPad device. The model constructed from Lego bricks is an ideal gadget. Every single iPad or iPhone maniac will just love to have it as his desk or house decoration. Yet, it is a real treat for all Lego lovers too. 1800 Lego bricks were used while making the project. The effects of our work can be seen in Apple Mac Dekanex company store at Balicka 306 Street in Krakow. While designing the model, I copied the size of the original gadget provided by the Dekanex company and despite having had many problems I finally achieved the desired effect. Although the model is quite small, watching it is quite a fun. Since it was placed on the display in the store, there were a few people that had mistaken it with the original tablet. Which only confirms that the amount of the details preserved in the model suits the needs. The iPad was designed by Mateusz Kustra who had set up an Ideo Klocki company and who builds Lego bricks mock models at the request of some companies and private people.

Mateusz Matt Kustra LCP

#BadPirateLego Apple iPad Tablet – lego models for sale by Matt Kustra
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