Lego bricks LEGO buy and sell constructions exhibition – models by Matt Kustra

Lego bricks constructions exhibition – LEGO buy and sell mock models by Matt Kustra

I just love building Lego bricks constructions. That is why I have been working on my own private collection for several years. My Lego bricks exhibition was enlarged by a new micro mock model. Designed by Ideo from Lego bricks, a micro mock model of the Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw. The mock model is ideal as a desk or house decoration. While making the design, 400 Lego bricks were used. The effects of our work can be seen at the visualization at the Lego Gallery.

Lego bricks LEGO buy and sell constructions exhibition. See our other mock models.

Everyone who would like to have such thing in his house or an office is invited to contact me. I am able to build everything, starting from mock models of a house or an office, battle mock models, production schemes and finishing with some small sets provided with the user’s manual. Small sets of up to 500 pieces are an ideal present for our regular customers. It is an exceptional present which will stay in their memory for ever. I prepare the mock models in a few micro and mini scales, as well as the figures.

The mock models are prepared in a few micro and mini scales as well as brick figures. LEGO buy and sell idea.

Depending on the budget, we are able to customize the size of the mock models and the number of details. It is possible to buy this building in a micro scale any time.  The set consists of some new Lego bricks, 17×20 Lego eyelets dimension which is about 13,6cm x 20cm of the base. The waiting time for the set is about 1 month (due to the bricks availability and in the periods of increased demand on the bricks the waiting time may be exceeded to up to 2 months). The construction manual will be attached to the model or we can assemble the model and deliver it by a courier on customer’s request. There  is a possibility to make some changes or add some additional buildings on request. I would like to invite you to see our other Lego bricks mock models.

Mateusz Matt Kustra LCP

#BadPirateLego bricks LEGO buy and sell constructions exhibition – models by Matt Kustra
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