Some cool moc LEGO creations made by Ideo Bricks

Some cool moc LEGO creations made by Ideo Bricks

Ideo Bricks company makes some cool constructions from LEGO bricks, including such buildings as St. Mary’s Church or the Krakow Cloth Hall. The latter one is a mock model of an average size consisting of 10,000 bricks. Mock models designed by Mateusz Kustra are ideal for your office or house. The dioramas make the space more attractive and provide lots of unforgettable fun for your customers and guests, taking you to the world of LEGO mini figures.

It took 3 months to design the mock model (it took that long previously……). 100 photos were taken while making the outer façade. 8,849 LEGO bricks were used in the project. The project has been noticed by the media, which resulted with some radio and local newspapers interviews. In the future I am also planning to construct the interior and the nearest neighborhood of the Krakow Cloth Hall. As well as the main market square with its attractions. A bigger version of this project may be seen in Historyland Krakow which is an interactive center of discovering the history of Poland and the Poles.

Mateusz Kustra builds some cool constructions out of LEGO bricks for Historyland Krakow

In 2017 the Ideo Lego company constructed a mock model of the Krakow Cloth Hall. Building made of Lego bricks for the Historyland Krakow. You can watch it now in the old railway station in Krakow, close to the main market square. Compare the smaller version (the prototype) of the building with the one that can be seen in the interactive center of discovering the history of Poland and the Poles, for which Ideo Bricks constructed all the mock models of Lego bricks.

It was our first mock model project signed by Matt Kustra Ideo Bricks. The designed project consisted of some new Lego bricks, 2×4 building boards, 48 Lego eyelets which is about 115cmx75cm of the base. Waiting time for the sets is about three months (due to the bricks availability and in the periods of increased demand on the bricks, the waiting time may be exceeded to up to 2 months). While the order is being processed, there is a possibility of making changes, adding the market square, the monuments, figures and the infrastructure.


#BadPirateSome cool moc LEGO creations made by Ideo Bricks
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