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A LEGO mosaic for the Warsaw Manami Shop

A LEGO mosaic for the Warsaw Manami Shop

The mosaics made of Lego blocks are a very effective form of advertising your company. The image of Lego on the wall of your shop not only will delight the customer, but also younger children. Despite the limited number of colors from Lego blocks, you can create very effective pictures. In addition, you can bring three-dimensionality to them –  a treat for all lovers of Lego bricks. In addition to the logotypes, our workshop had the pleasure of creating images from photographs where people were the main topic. These images perfectly match the minimalist spaces as the main decorative element that draw the maximum attention instead of standard images or photographs. I guarantee that a lot of people will be surprised by this form of painting.

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#BadPirateA LEGO mosaic for the Warsaw Manami Shop