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We’re collecting money for a huge Lego bricks construction – We are building with blocks Krakow Cloth Hall

As a small boy I loved playing with Lego bricks. A few years ago I came back to my passion of constructing anything possible from the most popular bricks in the world. That is how the idea of creating building with blocks of Krakow Cloth Hall was born and its aim was to present it all around Poland.

I have been collecting money to build an exact copy of Krakow Cloth Hall by means of a new portal „Polak Potrafi” (A Pole can make it). It is a so called Crowdfunding portal, which simply means that a group of internauts helps some interesting ideas financially and in that way contributes to make the dreams of some other people come true. The authors of the ideas reward the donators for their financial help.

My mock-up model of Krakow Cloth Hall will be displayed on some exhibitions and in some museums. At the beginning, we are planning to present it in the National Museum in Krakow which is a truly remarkable place. We have collected half of the money needed to buy the materials necessary for constructing the mock-model. To encourage people to support our project, we are planning to hand out some gifts and rewards. You support us and we award you with prizes. We are encouraging you to familiarize yourself with our offer on “Polak potrafi” portal.


We do offer many different forms of cooperation to all the people interested in supporting our idea (building with blocks):

  • Exclusive sponsorship – individually settled conditions.
  • Renting the mock model for the period of one month, together with the delivery and building it up at its final destination; any place, office, exhibition or exhibition stand.
  • Placing the logo of the company in the middle of the market square.
  • Creating a scene made of Lego bricks and placing it on the mock model according to your own personal idea. That might be a scene connected with the company or a particular person.

The project is gathering more and more pace. They are talking about us on the radio: we have already had some interviews in Radio Krakow and Radio Eska. We have also been invited to take part in a program and talk about our bricks in Radio Plus.

Some newspapers are writing about us too: Naszemiasto and Gazeta Prawna.

I am really sorry to announce that unfortunately we have not been able to collect all the funds necessary to construct the model of Krakow Cloth Hall in a given period of time and for that reason we are forced to try again next year. This time successfully, as we do hope.

We are encouraging you to make yourself familiar with the rest of our mock models.

Big model of Cracow Lego Cloth Hall build with Lego

The project is gaining momentum and you can hear about “building with blocks” on the radio: Interview in Radio Krakow and interview in Radio Eska and Radio Plus

Newspapers write about us: Naszemiasto, GazetaPrawna,

I regret to inform you that, unfortunately, it was not possible to collect funds for the construction in a given time, which is why we will probably try again in the new year.

I am pleased to inform you that we managed to build a twice as large scale of the Cloth Hall for the Krakow Exhibition “Historyland”

We would like you to invite you to have a look at our other maquette.

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