Welcome to My world – the world of biggest Fun of Lego bricks and have fun with Us. Maybe someday I will build something for You ;)

New Lego construction. A new order. Melamina azoty puławy station that is your company. A factory made of lego bricks.

We specialize in lego construction mock models on request. We adjust to all the customer’s needs and the budget flexibly. For that reason we offer mock models made of new Lego bricks in several scales of mini figures, mini and micro scale. The ideal scale selected to implement this order, which was constructing a chemical station for Azoty Puławy company, was the micro scale. The set designed to be an interesting present for the major customers of the company.

We have designed and then constructed a truly unique Lego bricks model on the basis of a series of photos of the station. The project assumed creating a mini version of the station which comprises of about 1000 elements, so that everybody could build it up on his/her own being guided by an electronic manual. Additionally, there was an aesthetic box with a series of stickers designed together with the construction. That kind of orders are extremely enjoyable for us, as we are constructing some real, existing buildings. We can show what we can really do then!

Mock models of up to 1000 elements may be put up together by the customer. All the lego constructions that are comprised of more bricks are too complicated and we suggest having them assembled at the location by our workers. We can also add some proper lightning or a landscape built from railway mock models additionally. We are encouraging you to make yourself familiar with our other scales: mini figures scale and the mini scale.

We are proud of our lego constructions, see our photo gallery lego models in a micro scale – a cool present for the customers

Attention to details is our specialty. That is why the station is comprised of many details which can actually be seen on a daily basis within a real chemical station. Apart from the station itself, we have also constructed a tank truck and we have placed it in front of the Melamina Azoty Puławy station. The set comprises of new Lego construction  bricks. It took us 3 months to design and prepare it. Please see the references that we received from the ordering company.

We are encouraging you to make yourself familiar with the rest of our lego construction.

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