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LEGO car models, Police (Militia) from old times when Solidarnosc fight against Communism.

We built some police Lego car models, for the needs of collector, which are similar to those from the time when Solidarnosc fought for the rights of workers against the authorities of People’s Poland in the Gdansk Shipyard and contributed to the liberation from the communist influence from the East. We have created 3 cars from Lego blocks for the needs of the project. All of these models were manufactured in Poland: the “big” Fiat 125p, Nysa 522 and the truck with the installation of Star 200. After minor adaptations it can also be Star 266.

Polish Fiat 126p was produced in Poland from 1967 to 1991 under the license of Italian Fiat. After the license expired in 1983 the name was changed to FSO 125p.

Nysa 522 was manufactured in Nysa in Car Bodies Factory (formerly Steel Furniture Factory).

Star 200/266 produced in Starachowice in the Truck Factory Star, which was established in 1948. Today, the factory has been taken over by the German company MAN Star Trucks & Buses.

LEGO car models from bloks – police, militia

Building vehicles is a part of my job that I really like, the more when it seems to be quite difficult. The limited number of blocks makes it necessary to keep the most characteristic features on vehicles ignoring other which we do not find in the structure. A large Fiat consists of 290 Lego blocks, and its construction has some limitations due to the way the car windows are constructed. There is no possibility of putting Lego minifigures inside. Nysa 374 from Lego blocks refers to the actual model while retaining several characteristic features of this car. Star 200 or 266 after small modifications was built of 637 new Lego blocks. Due to the fact that it is the largest vehicle while maintaining a large amount of details.

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