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A city made of Lego blocks and in it the Church in Łomianki from near Warsaw – exhibition of building from lego Warsaw

When I was a child, I had a city made of Lego blocks, and in every big city or smaller city or town, there is always a town hall, a market, a shop and of course a beautiful church in its center. The church in Łomianki is a contemporary interesting building – exhibition of building from lego warsaw. That’s why we started working immediately to build the Roman Catholic St. Margaret the Virgin and Martyr. The project gave us a lot of satisfaction mainly because we could add a few scenes around the church. Among other things, a wedding takes place in front of the church where the bride and groom have been accompanied by the orchestra.

A city made of Lego blocks and mini scenes in it, which is what we like the most.

We took about two months to design a church (this is how it was at the beginning) plus another 2 months were used for construction. Today, we need about 2-3 months to build 10,000 elements.

A maquette of the church in Łomianki, Saint Parish Małgorzata, exhibition of building from lego Warsaw designed by the Ideo team. When creating the project on a small scale, 9,500 Lego blocks were used. We invite you to look at the model in the Manami store in Łomianki near Warsaw We invite you to look at our other maquettes mock model can be seen in Manami shop in Łomianki exhibition of building from lego Warsaw.

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