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Ann Architect

My skills

From creativity of builder depends the final models. Model have to communicate clear information about for what purpose was created and what can we learn. So the deployment begins just from Ani Kani, she determines the final result which is expected from builders. During construction is to take care of every detail has been maximum nuanced, because even the smallest detail, one brick may be importance for the final result. For this reason, a flash in the eye of the customer, when he see model created by Ideo Bricks, is closely related with Anna.


LEGO® models

Building with LEGO® is not only fun is also a responsibility, building models to be so strong, working under time pressure. Difficulty increases in directly with size of the model.


LEGO® Technic® i Mindstorm®

Programming skills, we use the design of control programs (LEGO® Mindstorm®, Andruino) use to control the moving parts of models.



Ability to observe and reflected to the project is important for the actual ratio aspect of models and the most accurate reproduction of detail. It is also the creation of situation scenes and care to the smallest model details.



Building with LEGO® is creativity in the selection of the best elements of LEGO® and non-standard use of them so that most corresponded to reality.



Have an idea for a model of LEGO® bricks, from the ownership of one of them, separates you just one click.