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Iron Man custom lego minifigures made from plastic Lego bricks

Iron Man custom LEGO minifigures made from plastic bricks

Comic books are more and more popular. From the silly stories for the youngest, they became a very important part of pop culture followed by people of all ages. Over the years the superheroes known from picture novels have made their way into other media as well. There is a very big industry of TV series and films (especially Marvel Cinematic Universe, however DC Extended Universe with Batman and Superman is very famous also) about the adventures of the people endowed with superpowers. The gadget industry follows it and that’s the reason why you can find a huge amount of toys and figurines modelled on superheroes. However, in the world are people who want to have a unique, not owned by anyone models and other gadgets referring to their favourite superheroes. And, with the idea of this kind, the client came to me and order Iron Man custom Lego minifigures.

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#BadPirateIron Man custom lego minifigures made from plastic Lego bricks