Your Hotel or Restaurant model built of LEGO® bricks

Unusual decoration of the reception, lobby or local tourist attraction of your hotel or restaurant, a perfect magnet to attract visitors attention. No one will pass by our mock-ups indifferently. Years of experience, working with the biggest companies in Poland and around the world made up the path to success. The models, called small works of art by many of my clients, contain as many details as possible . Ideal as a decoration or a sophisticated gift, which will give a lot of pleasure. Enlarge your possibility of self-assembly following e-instruction or of construction by the company’s team during a company event. To be used in advertising and Internet campaigns Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. We offer models in various scales depending on the budget and needs, price starts at 500Euro netto:
  • The scale  1:23 up, which relates to Legoland® buildings, distinguishes itself as far the most precise. The models from this range are addressed to refined collectors who want to surprise others with such a unique model. It is going to be a real state-of-art work that will delight real art critics with the highest amount of details.
  • The scale of 1:50 taken straight from the world of LEGO® minifigures, contains a lot of LEGO details that are enjoyable not only for the youngest. You can build literally anything at this scale. It will be an amazing model, which no one could pass by indifferently, and many will stay here for longer.
  • The 1:100  or “average” scale is perfect for large properties, architectural and landscape mock-ups that can be used to show large areas with as much details as possible. It is an architectural model that every architect and engineer dreams of.
  • Scales from 1:400 to 1:800 with the possibility of wall mounting, are considered as small models scale. They are easy to transport, and available at reasonable prices. All passers-by will be surprised how much can be shown with these little tiny-shiny colourful bricks.
  • The smallest “micro” scale less than 1:1000 (architectural mock-ups like “Architecture”) are great as a gift for self-building, and, although they are not large enough, they still bring a lot of pleasure and joy to hobbyists, being seen as ideal for office decoration.

e-manual (optional)

There’s no bigger fun than building your own company on a micro scale. That is why we include an online manual at customer’s request so that everyone can build their company model from scratch.

Plexiglas cabinet (optional)

At customer’s request we can bespoke a showcase made of Plexiglas, which will additionally protect the set from dust and damage.

Design and create an aesthetic box (optional).

A gift for another person without an aesthetic box will not work. And additionally it is a guarantee that the blocks from your set will never get lost.

Design and create stickers with the company’s logo (optional).

Ah, those ubiquitous stickers, irreplaceable wherever the bricks are too big, they can add additional details to your model of Lego® bricks.

Creation of a promotional video, showing step by step the construction of the model option (optional).

Lego® models are adored by everyone, and thousands of films about Lego® sets circulate on the internet at the speed of light. They are great for whispered (viral) marketing on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and other social media. Together with the team we will prepare a promotional video of the model construction, ideal for promoting your company on the Internet.




  • Box (option)
  • e-instruction (option)
  • Fast building video (option)
  • Logo stickers (option)
  • Scale 1:100
  • Scale 1:23
  • Scale 1:400
  • Scale 1:50
  • Scale 1:800
  • Showcase with plexiglass (option)

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