MiniFigure created especially for the big movie batman lego minifigures, but how big!

Who has the courage to say that DC is worse than Marvel ?!

Okay, maybe in terms of movies, yes, but Marvel is missing one thing in the entire comic book universe that Detective Comics has.


You can not disagree with that! I actually admire the person who came up with the idea of creating such a hero. I wish it had been me. Fortunately, you can’t doubt who did THAT. You could say that I created Batman lego minifigures … But I should not boast about it ;).

Eventually, the superhero is suppose to land in a toy store on the main display. There is only the fear that the Dark Avenger will hide unnoticed in the shadow, as he used to do.

Movie batman lego minifigures

Pop culture is an amazing source which can inspire one indefinitely. My ambitions now tell me to come to the DC studio with a license for their characters, which I could reconstruct in the LEGO version.

Or go with my portfolio to Warner Bros and help with the continuation of LEGO Batman, who had appeared in the cinema a few years ago. Maybe my next step should be Joker?

In the present scale, Batman dominates the city, measuring over 50 cm in height. Huge and terrible for his opponents from Arkham City. He does not lack a single element of his characteristic equipment – armor and other tools will give the city peace under the bat’s wings.

Batman lego minifigures – a must-have ornament for every apartment, Fan of Batman

If you are interested in protecting your own home from potential villains, the Batman model may also be for you. It can be prepared in any size, so when it comes to wrestling with more difficult opponents it is possible to increase its scale and vice versa when the batman is to be reduced to the terror of spiders, he can reach the size of just a few centimeters.

He is a defender needed for every city, district, apartment, and room. And especially to every fan of comics about this hero.

Should he meet Joker in the next step? Do you have ideas for unique scenes of fighting these two in the main role? What would you say to recreate the moments of action from the LEGO movie about Batman?

Maybe this is the industry that I should start exploring 😉

Mateusz Matt Kustra LCP
#BadPirateMiniFigure created especially for the big movie batman lego minifigures, but how big!
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