Map of Puck made of bricks a lot of architectural models – model town LEGO moc by Matt Kustra

Model Town made of bricks, contain cool architectural models LEGO Moc

It’s high time to go away from Google Maps because there’s a new invention fully based on advanced programming language LEGO, that show a precise map of model town Puck commune. One sight enough to navigate flawlessly through the whole area without any third-parties! For every foreigner, I’ll describe where the Puck is on the map of Poland. It’s located in the north of our country and it’s distinguished by the Hel Peninsula. Moreover, the neighborhood is known for the great amount of the monuments, which makes that place perfect to reproduce as a LEGO Moc maquette. On the plane, there are over 25 elements enriching the brick landscape and marking the most attractive places in the area.

Realistic model better than navigation!

By those means, we can get to know a lot of interesting spots without leaving our home . It’s enough to look closely at each one model placed on the map. All of them, despite a small scale, I’ve tried to imitate as accurately as possible, of course with taking the characteristic features under consideration. If you downsized to the height of figurines, the building would still look realistic and the trip would teach us a lot. It was a pleasant experience to me when I was wandering along and across the Puck commune, precisely examining every inch of the space with its breath-taking views and model towns, charming villages and towns. Thanks to my observations with a camera in my hands, I captured each that beautiful place to translate those later with the usage of my magic LEGO spells. As a result, countless amount of photos helped me to create the vast space of the LEGO Moc map with preserving the size and distance in scale. Of course without forgetting about the dose of a humor! I would like to take you for a guided tour where you’ll see places like the castle of Jan III Sobieski, lighthouse in Rozewie, harbor in Hel, but also a lot of different touristic attractions found in that region.


Attractions of the Puck Commune with model town built of LEGO bricks

Those who are very observant will for sure see giant seals at first. The animals are swimming in the area of seal center in the Hel Peninsula. Both are the main character of that special zoo in Hel. In any dangerous situation, we are also ready to push attack from either land or sky thanks to the cannon left here since the World War II. Those are still proud of our country placed in the trail of Military History of Jastarnia Commune. On the model, there are placed some of many lighthouses scattered around the whole waterfront. Alongside the Hel Peninsula, there are reaching the sky three of the most distinguishable lighthouses, that is in Rozewie, Jastarnia and of course in Hel. Those safely led brick-boats from their travel on the mare. So as the mare transport is highly developed in Poland, I couldn’t miss some of the commodity transporters, as well as passenger ships, yachts and motorboats, enhancing the lively mare landscape. Enthusiasts of traveling on foot will find the map very useful for setting their track and even checking the prominence of particular hills. Depending on the surface of the fields you will precisely determine how high you are just at the first glance at LEGO Moc map. You will also never lose your track and reach every place you plan. Because of those unreplaceable features, you must never forget to take the map with you for any journey you go. By the one sight at the map, you will avoid many of over-did miles and you will be able to pick the most scenic way to your target, especially through the forests, which are marked on the map, too. Personally, I recommend the largest backwoods in the center of the commune, located on the upland. As you can see in the picture, it’s far away from any roads, giving us perfect time to take a rest, I experienced it on my own! Now, each time I go to the model town Puck, I use the map for myself. Not only once let it me to avoid traffic-jams (another function like a Google Maps) because there are designated the roads and even the cars driving between the towns.

Magnificent towns are made huge LEGO Moc 

Despite the map is really large and spacious, I wasn’t able to locate there everything I saw during my travel around the scenic area of Poland, however, I decided to honor the most wonderful of those buildings by reproducing them in a small scale. My favorite one was the sanctuary in model town Swarzewo which is among the whole map. That beauty, gothic church with its soaring tower was nearly as high as the Baltic lighthouses. Another similar legacy of middle-ages was the church in Kuznica, barely fitting in the board of the Hen Peninsula (that’s why a part of it lies in the mare). But I strongly believe that there’s nothing that could erode its middle-aged foundations. I also couldn’t skip the main city of the commune – Puck, which features inimitable pier completely built from timber and tipped with uncommon overlook. If you’ll like to breathe some marine air and marvel that views, you sit on the bench to take a good long rest! The best LEGO imitation I saved for the famous Hel Peninsula enriched not only by mentioned lighthouse and seals center but also the harbor and some of the lawn chairs for lazy ones. Everyone demanding luxury travels will find the fitting yacht in the harbor ready to start a journey, but the admirers of fast water fun I built a few motorboats. So, if you are interested in water sports, there’s no other chance than to downsize yourself to the scale of LEGO figurines and set off for remarkable experiences!   The creation of the map was another challenge to me right as I adore. That’s why I took it up grinning from ear to era and achieved along my will. The work always requests thousands of LEGO pieces and a long time of preparation by shooting photos, developing projects and final building. Nevertheless, I am very satisfied with the effect to which I put a great effort. Again I was casting my LEGO spells and I got charmed by those, simultaneously getting to know the wonderful Polish land. You too should start traveling across your own country, but also must visit Poland because frankly speaking, it’s beautiful!   The rest of attraction I left on my map will be covered for you to enroll every interested man in my game! Find the Easter eggs on your own and share your observations below. If you will ever find it difficult to navigate through my LEGO Moc Maps, help yourself with the competing Google Maps.

Mateusz Matt Kustra LCP

#BadPirateMap of Puck made of bricks a lot of architectural models – model town LEGO moc by Matt Kustra
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