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Films about lego bricks videoblockss show the construction process of the mock model of waste incineration plant and waste sorting process

Waste incineration plant and waste sorting is another big task ahead of us. We have decided to make our first films (videoblocks) about Lego bricks right now to show our mock models to a wider audience. Stop-motion technique is an ideal way to present our work. Thousands of photos were taken during the process of constructing the mock model showing waste sorting and waste incinerating, to make them finally put up together into a film. The effect was truly surprising for us alone.

videoblocks cool legos art gallery

videoblocks cool legos art gallery

The mock model comprises of many interesting scenes which will be truly delightful for every Lego bricks lover. What was the most pleasurable for us, was that we could place some scenes that we all like so much in the mock model. A good example of that may be a cross-section of an equipped house with a bathroom on the first floor and a mini figure taking a bath there. There is a sportsperson playing basketball next to the house and there is a red-colored sports car  the driveway. One street away, there are two roadmen patching a hole in the road. The roof of the sorting station is occupied by a golf fan who is checking his new hit there. There is a huge furnace operating in the incineration plant and a bored worker fixing a leak which creates loads of steam. High-voltage lines are being repaired by an electrician who was electro-cut a little. In the waste sorting part, a businessman is paying for the glass pestle ready to be melted again. His smiling face seems to prove that the business he has just made is profitable. And finally a question for the most observant ones: who found a cat in the mock model??? You must see the photos of the mock model.

We are proud of our constructions, see our photo gallery. Waste sorting and waste incineration plant is not enough. We are waiting for some more challenges to come and we will definitely make some more films about lego bricks (videoblocks).

Our work has been noticed by some local media and local newspapers have been writing about us recently. The mock model received a warm reception of the youngest and their caretakers. It was ordered to educate the citizens on the ecology in Poland and particularly on the waste management. The videoblocks of the mock model is one of the points of a series of meetings entitled “Waste under control” organized by the Association of Seaside Cities and Municipalities. The mock model with its description could have been admired in Gdańsk, Koszalin and Szczecin. And at the moment it can be seen in the Hewelianum Centre in Gdańsk.

We are encouraging you to see other films of the process of constructing Lego mock models.


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