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Lego stadium model for older Town Stadium in Poznań made of blocks   

We like such orders the most because we are admirers of blocks, and most Lego maquettes for older and football stadium model, and additionally this is one of the first maquette that we built on request. Although these were the first arranged blocks on request and the effect was very satisfactory. On the maquette, we have built the stands with a characteristic Poznań sign arranged from the seats in the stands, with a video wall installed under the roof. We managed to fit the grass that faithfully reflected the actual grass and lines of the football field with gates and advertisements on the sides.

The maquette of the Municipal Stadium model in Poznan was designed by the Ideo team. The stadium was used as the office decoration.

The project of the Municipal Stadium model in Poznań – a maquette of the lego for the older, the idea of ​​Mateusz Kustra Ideo Blocks.

Such a set is the perfect gift for an adult Lego fan. The project Municipal Stadium in Poznan is the idea of ​​Mateusz Kustra Ideo Blocks. The project was created on the basis of photos from the Internet during the creation of the project and in the mini scale, 3,300 Lego blocks were used. It was a small model but very effective, which will bring a lot of pleasure to all football and Lego blocks fans. Ideo blocks can be commissioned to create a set of car, building, house that you can only dream of it. We will take care of the rest together with the construction and delivery. The sets up to thousand blocks can be placed by the ordering party, and we prefer our assembly on the spot in case of sets over thousand blocks. All fans of sports and blocks like such maquettes. We encourage you to order another stadium or building.

We invite you to look at our other maquettes.

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