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Fantastic buildings made using lego blocks constructed by Ideo Lego professional lego builder

The Ideo Bricks (professional lego builder company) creates fantastic buildings made using Lego bricks, an example of which can be the St. Mary’s Church or the Cloth Hall in Krakow. The last one is a middle sized maquette including about 10,000 blocks. The maquettes designed by Mateusz Kustra are ideal for your office or home to move you to the world of mini Lego® figures.

We are proud of our buildings, see our gallery of professional lego builder.

The maquette was designed for 3 months and over 100 photographs were taken during the creation of the external facade. The project used 8849 Lego blocks. The project was noticed by the media, which resulted in interviews on the radio and local newspapers. In the future, he plans to create the interior and the immediate surroundings of the Cloth Hall in Krakow along with the main market plate and its attractions. A larger version of this project can be viewed at Historyland Kraków, an Interactive Center for Discovering Polish History and Poles.

Mateusz Kustra builds fantastic constructions using blocks for Historyland Krakow

In 2017, the Matt professional lego builder company built a model of Krakow Cloths from Lego for Historyland Krakow (PTT Invest). Today, it can be viewed in the old main station in Krakow near the Krakow market, so I invite you to compare the original building with the interactive center for discovering history of Poland and Poles for whom Ideo has built all maquettes using Lego blocks.

It was our first maquette project for Matt Kustra (professional lego builder) under the Ideo banner. The designed set consisted of new Lego blocks, dimensions are 2 × 4 construction plates and 48 Lego meshes, i.e. about 115 cm x 75 cm base. The waiting time for sets is around 3 months (due to the availability of blocks and in periods of increased demand for pads, expectations may be extended to 2 months). On request, there is the possibility of changes, adding a market plate, with monuments, people and infrastructure. Order a maquette constructed by Ideo Blocks

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Exhibition of buildings made of Lego blocks, and the Palace of Culture and Science

Designer: Matt Kustra, Bulider: Ewa Kustra, Aleksandra Michalska, Błażej Kustra, Piotr Zębalski, Mateusz Kustra (professional lego builder)

Cloths hall Krakow LEGO moc makes dreams come true - by Matt Kustra for Historyland
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Cloths hall Krakow LEGO moc makes dreams come true - by Matt Kustra for Historyland
Cloths hall Krakow My LEGO moc, for me this is more than just LEGO moc, that’s why I aimed to make an ultrarealistic model from the classical bricks, showing both the greatness of this monument and the atmosphere around it. This is to say that also the tiniest details were recreated in close reference to the original.
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Ideo Bricks
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