Lego models factory a safety awesome lego sets built by a Matt Kustra lego designer

The main principle of health and safety at work is order in the workplace is a guarantee of safety for everyone on awesome lego sets

“The order in the workplace is a guarantee of safety.” This kind of slogan could be seen on the boards in every workplace in Poland not so long ago, it is during the PRL period. Now it sounds like a joke with an admixture of historical truth also works on lego sculptures.

Despite this, one thing has not changed – during work you have to be attentive and take care of yourself, to prevent unhappy accidents. The safety and health training instructors are well aware of this and instruct employees on their rights, duties and safety rules during their work every day. Often the training is underestimated by the worker, but on the contrary, you should be aware of the risks to avoid them.

Of course, the most dangers await those who take up physical work with heavy objects. This is especially true for warehouse work and this is what about the next model was created.

Educational mockup from awesome lego sets bricks showing safety rules

It is prepared for a training company dealing in occupational health and safety. Its main purpose is to make employees aware of the dangers that may occur to them and explain how to proceed safely. And in addition, it is a portion of good fun, suitable for instructing both adults and children, whose awareness must be built from an early age.

On the lego models we will see a fragment of the magazine with an employee transporting goods. Nothing special, but … look carefully at the employee’s head ;). It is also difficult to overlook the heroes of the second plan – those who certainly break health and safety regulations. Where did this mouse come from?!

The next task is to find errors in this picture, which is classic “what does not fit here?”. I could find some irregularities in the operation of this employee myself. But I leave the instructions to health and safety professionals.

Theawesome lego sets was made of 663 LEGO bricks and to be honest it was pure pleasure. The addition of a subtle scene or these small puzzles in the form of errors of the employee was designed with a certain amount of lightness. The only question is whether employees will include training with the same lightness ;). I am convinced that for sure!

I do not need to add at the end that this is another example of multifunctionality of LEGO bricks – they are just suitable for everything. Review the other projects and see for yourself. In two words: functional art :D!



#BadPirateLego models factory a safety awesome lego sets built by a Matt Kustra lego designer
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