LEGO mini models shown by Amber Arena Stadium in Gdansk made by #BadPirate

LEGO mini models and the Amber Arena Stadium in Gdansk in the World of Matt Kustra

A stadium made of Lego? Why not! We launched the construction works in our free time. The LEGO mini models of Baltic Arena Euro 2012 Poland was designed by Ideo company and made entirely out of LEGO. It can serve as a perfect decoration of any office desk or living room. Suitable for all those who love sports and – above all – enamor LEGO. The model was created in a Micro scale corresponding to the scale of LEGO architecture. EURO 2012 championship was held while we were constructing the stadium’s LEGO replica. It gave us a lot of pleasure. Furthermore, this wonderful event presented Poland as a friendly and open country. And even though our national team did succeed and stopped already during the group stage, it was a wonderful event nonetheless. That is why I decided to commemorate it with LEGO bricks and thus create the most beautiful – in my opinion – stadium in Poland – the Amber Arena Stadium in Gdańsk.

Euro 2012 as LEGO architect or how I built the Amber Arena Stadium in Gdańsk

During my work I used aerial photos found on the Internet. It took 1,310 LEGO bricks to build it. I decided to show the inside of the stadium along with players on the pitch and football fans at the stands. I did my best to make the construction resemble the original stadium and, as you might know, curved shapes are the hardest thing to do with LEGO. For this purpose, I used my favorite brick, namely plate 1 x 2 with 1 stud in its new version. It allowed me to show the approximate shape of Baltic Arena National Stadium in Gdańsk. The black color and white base furnished the design with a degree of refinement. All in all, I’m happy with my work, even though it was not at all simple. The effect of our works are available as visualization within the LEGO gallery. The project was created especially for Euro 2012. We cordially invite all sports enthusiasts and LEGO lovers just like us. We can build another stadium just for you. We invite you to come and see other modoels made by us.

Mateusz Matt Kustra LCP

#BadPirateLEGO mini models shown by Amber Arena Stadium in Gdansk made by #BadPirate
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