Iron Man custom lego minifigures made from plastic Lego bricks

Iron Man custom LEGO minifigures made from plastic bricks

Comic books are more and more popular. From the silly stories for the youngest, they became a very important part of pop culture followed by people of all ages. Over the years the superheroes known from picture novels have made their way into other media as well. There is a very big industry of TV series and films (especially Marvel Cinematic Universe, however DC Extended Universe with Batman and Superman is very famous also) about the adventures of the people endowed with superpowers. The gadget industry follows it and that’s the reason why you can find a huge amount of toys and figurines modelled on superheroes. However, in the world are people who want to have a unique, not owned by anyone models and other gadgets referring to their favourite superheroes. And, with the idea of this kind, the client came to me and order Iron Man custom Lego minifigures.

A short history of Iron Man

Iron Man is a fictional character known from a lot of comic book series published by Marvel Comics. His creators are screenwriters Stan Lee, Larry Lieber and drawers Don Heck with Jack Kirby. The first appearance of Iron Man had a place in the Tales of Suspense vol.1 #39. Original adventures, in which he was participating, was very anty-communistic and a motive of its creation was referring to an American weapon industry and Cold War’s armaments race. After some time his stories started to deal with topics such as terrorism and corporate corruption.

History of Iron Man (privately: Tony Stark) as a character started when he was 21. As a result of his parents’ death in a car accident, he took over the family’s property and company Stark Industries specialized in the weapon industry. In the Tales of Suspense vol. 1 #39, Tony Stark was kidnapped by communist warlords. There he was also hit by a piece of shrapnel in the chest. Although he was forced to create weapons for the kidnappers, the character created — with a professor of physics Ho Yinsen — the armour which helped him in the escape. Since this time he has been fighting with villains and rescuing the world from any danger.

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Iron Man’s origin story is slightly different but the main events have been preserved. He’s there a part of the Avengers team of which belong also:

  • Hulk,
  • Black Widow,
  • Captain America,

In the films, Iron Man is also a mentor of young Spider-Man.

In addition to the films belonging to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Iron Man also starred in many animated series and films. There’s also a lot of video games in which he’s appearing or even is the main character.

Model of custom Lego minifigures Iron Man made by me!

The time I spent on the design and construction of this model was very fun. From the start, I was glad that I have accepted this assignment. And — what’s very important — I am really proud of this piece. The Iron Man’s model consists of 3244 Lego bricks. In this amount of them is as many as 197 unique elements.

The model designed by me has a few fascinating features. For the starters: the turned right leg. I can say that wasn’t to achieve that pose but here it is and it looks fabulous.  What’s more: the visor of Iron Man’s helmet can be easily lifted. The whole helmet is also detachable. After removing it, you can change Tony’s expression. The arms and hands are easy to turn them and the changing of their position can be great fun.

This sculpture is a real treat for all Iron Man and Marvel’s fans. You can have it at home. Just buy the manual of building the sculpture of Iron Man, get the required elements and build it by yourself.

Contact me, if you’re interested in your own figurine

If you want to have something of your idea made from the Lego bricks, give me a hint. I have a huge experience in designing and constructing various forms — from models and sculptures, through mock-ups, to images — from the Danish blocks. Visit the website and look at my recent pieces to see what I’m capable of. You can also contact me there by the form or e-mail. Few photos or/and description, it’s enough for me to create a Lego piece of art. Imagine that you can have your own superhero sculpture — or any other thing — made from the Lego brick at your home!

Mateusz Matt Kustra LCP

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