House of the most famous Polish infuencers of Friz’s team made with Lego bricks

House of the most famous Polish infuencers of Friz’s team made with Lego bricks. The model of famous YouTube team’s house build from Lego! In 3 scales!

Usually, I get requests from very specific clients. Big companies (very often the building developers, what’s interesting) which need present for their customers or an uncommon way to celebrate some occasion like an anniversary or the adult fans of Lego (AFOL) who want to have in their collection models or mock-ups not available among the Lego sets. This time the person who contacted me was someone completely different. I did not expect that someday I would create a building from Lego bricks for a YouTuber!

Friz Ekipa– one of the most famous polish Youtubers

Karol “Friz” Wiśniewski was born 13th February 1996 in Kraków where he’s living to this day. He started his career on YouTube on 15th October 2010 however at this time he was not so popular as today. In the beginning, Friz was creating movies like vlogs, challenges and relations from events as Intel Extreme Masters and the like. Except this he was recording let’s plays from the very popular game at this time Minecraft. He was documenting his gameplay on the server of another YouTube’s creator SKKF. Then, with the premiere of the game Pokémon Go, he started to release movies about news from it and do lives from his gameplay. Also, he was inviting persons known from the world of the Pokémon Go with whom was speaking about their commitment to the game.

After some time, he abandoned games in favour of a lifestyle theme. With his then-girlfriend Kinga, he started recording vlogs and challenge. This change allowed him to break out and gain great popularity. He started to break records of popularity and views of his movies grew very rapidly. In 2018, Friz founded YouTube’s creators’ team named Ekipa. It included: himself, Tromba, Wujek Łuki and Mini Majk. From this moment the group appeared on most of the Friz’s movies. Then his channel exceeded 1 million subscribers. At the 8th March 2019, Wiśniewski started a series of daily movies. Day after he announced that the whole team Ekipa is moving into one house in the suburbs of Kraków.

Over time the team was growing by new people who were moving into the Ekipa’s house. Finally, the Ekipa had not 4 but 9 members. Except for the lifestyle theme at the channel was published movies in which viewers could win actual money. At 2nd August 2019 appeared online shop EKIPATONOSI which in fans can buy merchandise with the logo of the team. In 8th March 2020, Friz ended the whole year of daily movies. He prepared for final 12 episodes which were published in one day! From this moment he’s publishing movies on his channel from 2 to 3 times in the week. In mid-March 2020 Friz with the Ekipa flew to Los Angeles from where he was back at 1st June. Around this date he contacted me. And you can’t imagine what he asked me for!

The mock-up of the Friz Ekipa’s house!

Friz requested me for a mock-up of the Ekipa’s house. After a few talks, we agreed for 3 projects in various scales: 1:50, 1:200 and 1:400. The first one the Ekipa built by themselves. The recording of the whole action you can see on YouTube. The mock-ups in the 1:400 scale were intended for sale on the online shop EKIPATONOSI. Thanks to this the biggest fans of the Ekipa can have their model of their favourite YouTube team’s house. The number of them is limited so if you dream about having it in your home, you’d better hurry up!


Will the Friz Ekipa’s  House be an official Lego model?

For the Friz Ekipa mock-up in the 1:200 scale, we have another idea. I plan to submit it on the Lego Ideas. It’s the website which allows users to submit plans for Lego products. If they earn enough support votes, the Lego specialists can review them and finally release them as official sets of Lego.

At first, I have to express the idea by the written description and a sample Lego model. After the publishing of the page, it needs to be supported by 10 000 different users. In the first years of the website, ideas were kept for up two years and then taken down if the project didn’t reach 10 000 votes. Nowadays Lego Ideas established threshold to include a minimum number of:

  • 100 votes in the first 60 days,
  • 1 000 votes followed by a year,
  • 5 000 votes after another six months,
  • 10 000 votes after again the next six months.

If the project of the Ekipa’s house will reach a 10 000 votes of support, it’ll go into the review. Lego specialists need to check if it meets the standards of the brand. A many of the sets that have reached the 10 000 vote threshold have been rejected for reasons like being based on intellectual properties which Lego doesn’t have rights to or referring to matters which aren’t in line with the policy of the company (religion, alcohol, war etc.). I hope that the mock-up of the Ekipa’s house will reach the threshold and will be accepted by Lego specialists.

If my idea will be cleared for the production, it will be further developed by Lego set designers and the final model will be released as an official set under the “Lego Ideas” banner. Additionally, I will be included in the credits and there will be also my bio in the box. Except for that I’ll get 10 copies of the final set and receive 1% of the royalty of the product’s net sales. If you want the Ekipa’s house as the official Lego set, I invite you and recommend visiting the site of Lego Ideas and show your support for this idea!

If you dream about your own unique Lego mock-up, let’s talk!

Everyone can have their own custom Lego model of whatever he or she wants. And it doesn’t need to be so hard. You are only separated from this by visiting my Ideo Blocks website and contacting me by mail or form. I strongly encourage you to this and guarantee you won’t be disappointed. I have over three years of experience of designing and building the various forms, models and mock-ups from the Lego bricks. In your message describe exactly what you want to have, optionally give the size of it, subject or attach the photo of the thing or person planned to be recreated in the Lego bricks. In a short time, I will respond to you with the possibilities of the realization of the request. I invite you to contact me!



#BadPirateHouse of the most famous Polish infuencers of Friz’s team made with Lego bricks
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