The Magic of LEGO® Model Kits: Professional Models for Businesses and Adult LEGO® Enthusiasts

Welcome to IDEO Bricks – The Workshop of Unique LEGO® Models, Sculptures, and Artworks!

Looking to decorate your space in a unique way? Searching for something that not only looks beautiful but also provides educational value? You’ve come to the right place! As one of the 20 Lego Certified Professionals (LCP) in the world, I have the ability to build anything you can imagine.


LEGO Master Builder Certificate awarded to Matt Kustra, showcasing his exceptional achievements and skills in the world of LEGO brick building


I offer unparalleled artwork and educational pieces that will be the perfect addition to your home, office, lobby or trade show. Our mock-ups, sculptures, paintings and mosaics made from LEGO® bricks are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also bring numerous benefits. Decorating your interior with our works of art will bring new life to the space, adding unique character and style. Whether you’re dreaming of an impressive sculpture, a colorful mosaic or an accurate model, we have what you need.


Master Builder LEGO® brick model, showcasing intricate details and vibrant colors LEGO mockup



Our works not only look beautiful, but also have educational value. Gain knowledge about history, culture or technology with our educational mockups. They are a great tool for learning and understanding different topics in an interactive and fun way. Our creations are also a great idea for an unusual gift. Looking for something that will truly surprise and delight a loved one? Our mock-ups, sculptures and paintings are sure to excite and be appreciated as a unique gift.


Find out why I am one of the 20 LEGO® Certified Professionals in the world. My work has been recognized by companies, corporations including Circle K, Amazon, Whirlpool, Panattoni, Bremer, Coty, Kunig Metall, Pesa, Azoty and Historyland, and private collectors, as well as celebrities such as Robert Lewandowski, Raper Quebonafide, David Beckham. My skill, passion and precision translate into the highest quality and unparalleled works of art.



Join the ranks of our satisfied enthusiasts who appreciate the uniqueness and value that our works bring. Experience unforgettable moments while enjoying the beauty and knowledge we offer. Browse our site and discover how we can enrich your life through our unique mockups, sculptures and paintings. Contact us now to order your own unique work of art.

#BadPirateThe Magic of LEGO® Model Kits: Professional Models for Businesses and Adult LEGO® Enthusiasts