Every town needs a church lego cemetery – even this made of Lego

Every town needs a church lego cemetery – even this made of Lego

The church is one of the most important buildings in every town. It’s the place of a cult and a celebration but not only. Its social and economic functionality has a very great value for inhabitants. One of Lego hobbyists dreamed about the church lego cemetery in the center of his town center. We were ready to help him with this.

Why are churches so important?

Of course, the main objective of church functioning in the town is an education in religion and morality. But that’s not all. Formerly, especially in medieval times, these buildings were used as a general gathering place. They were often employed for guild meetings, banquets, mystery plays and fairs. Besides church grounds and buildings were used for the threshing and storage of grain. In times of war, churches were gaining defensive function. They were one of the most solid buildings of the whole towns very often. And that’s why they were the perfect place to defend against the enemy.

Because of its importance, churches were founded in the centers of the town. This way of things was characteristic of the Middle Ages. With the passage of centuries, it was more rarely happening. Nowadays building the church in the busiest part of the city isn’t something very often. And by that, you can assess the age of the place. 

The beautiful city in the basement

In someone’s cellar was hidden something breathtaking. There was almost everything. Underwater paradise, train station and of course train riding around the town… Even the rocket launch site and much more! This great city was built by one person from Lego bricks. For the avid hobbyist it wasn’t enough. Despite many years of collecting different Lego sets, something very important was missing in his work done in the cellar. There wasn’t the church which could be the center of the whole town.

Unique church lego cemetery — only on request

Politics of the Lego is strict — they don’t create anything related to religion. Considering that, getting an official set was impossible. Hobbyist had to take care of this in another way. While looking for a suitable contractor who would create a building like this, he turned to us. And we did it.

The set is built from 3056 elements. It consists of the building and its surroundings including a small cemetery. Part of the wall and roof is removable. After disconnecting it from the whole, you can see the inside of the church. The interior of the church has been carefully designed. There is an organ on the platform and the priest is celebrating mass in front of the altar. When the set was delivered, it was already assembled.

Currently, the church we built stands in the center of the hobbyist’s city and is the crown jewel of his big collection. We are proud that he chose us and we had the opportunity to create something belonging to something so big like this town in the cellar.

We may build everything for you

We design custom Lego sets on order and can create everything you can imagine on every scale. If you dream of something special in your Lego collection, contact us and we will do our best to meet your expectations.

If you want to see our work with your own eyes, you can do it in Kazimierz Dolny, Poland. There in the Kazimierz Lego Musem (Kazimierskie Muzem Klocków Lego), you can see sets built by us. We cordially invite you to visit it and see the quality of our mock-ups.


Mateusz Matt Kustra LCP
#BadPirateEvery town needs a church lego cemetery – even this made of Lego
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