Casting Lego Masters Poland – We’ve made it! We are in the Final Stage !? We are only a small step away from the Lego Masters TV Show!

Ideo Bricks invited to casting for Lego Masters show

Every adult fan of Lego, who creates his models and mock-ups, wants to be noticed. However, not everyone succeeds in that matter. Fortunately, we – I and my wife – managed to attract attention to our activity in creating models from the Lego bricks. So next step should be Lego Masters!

Lego masters Poland building TVN building Mateusz Kustra

Lego masters Poland building TVN building Mateusz Kustra

Lego Masters – bricks that TV shows are about

Ole Kirk Christiansen – the creator of the Lego bricks – for sure wasn’t aware that the product of his toy company which he founded in 1932 in Denmark will be a hero of the TV Show.  At the start, he was creating wooden toys of various kind – piggy banks, cars and trucks, pull toys, and houses. Because of the Great Depression business wasn’t profitable but Ole managed to sustain it. The name “Lego” has an origin in a contest among the company’s staff in which as a prize was a bottle of homemade wine. Won the “Lego” proposition which was a self-made contraction from the Danish phrase “leg godt” which means “play well”. Many years later Lego Group discovered that the name can be loosely translated as “I put together” or “I assemble” in Latin what was a very interesting case considering that how can you play with Lego.

The origin of the Lego bricks as we know them today lay in the design of “Kiddicraft Self-Locking Building Bricks” which was created by Hilary Fisher Page in 1939. In 1947 Ole Kirk and Godtfred (his son) obtained samples of the toy made by Page. In the same year, they bought a plastic injection moulding machine. Over the years the plastic line of Lego was growing stronger and wooden bricks were finally abandoned. Constant development and expansion of Lego bricks made the toy a world hit, which every child wanted to have in its home.

Today the company producing the Lego has an over a century of history. By this time, they had many achievements and almost as many failures. They have a lot of lines of products referring to automotive, architecture and very popular pop-culture franchises. You can say that the Lego brand is a worldwide phenomenon which knows almost every person on the planet. And for sure that is 100% truth. For the 80th anniversary of Lego in 2012, the Danish studio Lani Pixels made an animated short film titled The Lego Story about the struggle of the founder of the company. Two years later Warner Bros in the partnership with the Lego Group released The Lego Movie which received one of the highest recorded openings for an original animated movie. In few next years, there was released 3 other films base on the Lego: The Lego Batman Movie, The Lego Ninjago Movie and The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part. Also, a few years ago the TV show about building from the Lego bricks was released on the British Television, more specifically on Channel 4, which became a worldwide hit.

What is Lego Masters about?

History of the series under title Lego Masters began in 2017 on the British Channel 4. In each episode teams of two are building Lego projects based on goals – creative and practical – set by the challenge for a particular episode. They are designed in a way that refers to pop culture – film, games, books, etc. – or architecture. It makes the series so interesting that viewers can’t break away from the screen.

During the program, watchers can see a lot of beautiful models made by enthusiasts of the Lego bricks. Each one of them is judged by designers of the Lego or construction specialists. In every episode, the number of teams facing each other is shrinking until only three are left in the final.

Series on Channel 4 have two seasons. First had 4 episodes and second had 5 plus additional Christmas special. Although there is no information about the next season yet, the viewership of the previous ones gives hope. There is also the American version of the series which premiered in 2020 on Fox and had 10 episodes. There are also Australian and Dutch versions of the show.

Watch my Lego mock-ups in the TV

The Lego Masters are coming to Poland. Station TVN owned by Discovery Inc. bought copyrights for a brand. From 18th June 2020 producer – EndemolShine Polska – started casting to the show. I and my wife were excited because it is a great opportunity to present our work. We are creating mock-ups and models from the Lego bricks professionally for 3 years. We want to introduce watchers of TVN channel to the terrific adventure with the toy we love. We think we have a lot to show and can compete with the biggest and the most talented AFOLs (Adult Fans of Lego) in Poland.

At the time we found out about the casting to the Polish version of Lego Masters, we immediately knew that we have to take a part in this. Just at the same moment, we sent an application to participate in the program. Not a very long time later we got information that we are invited to the casting. Out of a numerous the adult fans of Lego there, only a handful will be selected to participate in the show which will be emitted on the screens of millions of watchers. We sincerely hope to be among them to compete in various challenges prepared by the producers of the show.

The show will be hosted by the renowned TV presenter Marcin Prokop, whom we hope to meet. Also, for the winner is awaiting a prize of PLN 100 000. But it isn’t the most important. We hope that we’ll win the casting and have the opportunity to show our skills on the silver screen. We are thrilled that our work – hundreds of various mock-ups and models made of the Lego bricks – was noticed and have a chance to be seen by so many people. The show will be released at the autumn schedule of the TVN television channel. We encourage you to observe our struggles and achievements in the Lego Masters show, which will certainly bring a lot of joy, happiness and a lot of other emotions and experiences.

Do you want Lego mock-up in your home? Contact me!

If you wish to have a model or mock-up made by me, visit the site where you can see my last projects. You can also contact me there. In your message write what would you want – a person, a building, or any other form – in what scale. I will look what I can do for you and respond with possible solutions. I had a very broad experience in creating various things and building them from Lego Bricks.  While using my services you can count on full professionalism and the product of the best quality. I can create everything from the Lego bricks. If you want to find out, if that’s true, contact me and check it with your own eyes.

Mateusz Matt Kustra LCP

#BadPirateCasting Lego Masters Poland – We’ve made it! We are in the Final Stage !? We are only a small step away from the Lego Masters TV Show!
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